In the past, Vernonica often used conventional cosmetics and did not know what they contained and how they affected her body, she like many other women did not care. What she was not aware of is what effect they would have on the daughter she was expecting. She did not survive due to birth defects. This event caused Veronica to question all chemicals in her environment and especially those in cosmetics.

Today, after many years of research and testing, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has become an expert in the field of natural cosmetics.
After developing several natural beauty recipes for other brands, she was constantly missing products for women's intimate areas that were truly additive-free and natural.
It was time to take matters into her own hands, and so Lip Intimate Care was born - a range of organic products that bring love and care to our intimate areas.

A brand to celebrate life, Veronica's daughter and all the wonderful women out there.